Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catholic Schools Week

I am blessed to be able to teach in a Catholic School, where I can freely share my faith with my students, and where I can teach the whole child; mind, body, and spirit.  I love my school!  Last week was Catholic Schools Week across the nation.  If you're not familiar with this particular week, you can get more info by clicking here!  At my school, we have all kinds of special activities to celebrate our school, but the heart of our celebration is our faith.  Here's a little bit about our week!

The week started with pajama day on Monday, with a visit from a local celebrity, Amazon John from Silly Safaris!  It was great fun!
Here are some littles working on their Reading Rotation activities in their jammies.
matching CVC words to pictures
Polar bear sight word cards

making sight words with polar bear matching cards.
You can get these from my TPT store, Busy Kinders, by clicking here

Using Wiki Sticks to make the letters of the

And we can't forget the animals from Silly Safari!

Tuesday was "dress for the future" day, and our students dressed as what they'd like to be when they grow up.  I had two future teachers in my class! We also had a dentist, a puppy babysitter, an astronaut, a European Football (Soccer!) player, two "animal catchers," two artists, a vet, and a ballerina!  (I wore my regular clothes, because I grew up to be just what I wanted to be.)  :)

Wednesday was mismatch day.  I went all out with patterned leggings, a striped shirt, and an argyle sweater, along with my 16 year old daughter's sparkly boots!  Oh, and four different pairs of earrings! picture of that.  But here are some mismatched cuties!  We also had all school Bingo on Wednesday, which is Bingo called over the loud speaker.  If a child gets a Bingo, they go to the center of the school, which is the designated prize center, to choose a prize.  Our 5th grade buddies came to play Bingo with us.   We love our buddies!  Many of these kiddos were in my class just a few years ago!

Thursday was dress up day.  We all wore our Sunday best!
And Friday was Spirit Day.  We wore red and black to support our Nativity Titans.  There was a traditional teachers vs. 8th volleyball game on Friday, and for the first time in a LOOOOOOOONG time, the 8th grade won!  So much excitement, and so many sad teachers...

We had a few special activities of our own for Catholic Schools Week as well.

We made a special craft to help explain what's special about our school.  The cross stands for faith, the apple stands for academics, and the hand-print stands for service.  The idea came from Pinterest (my best friend!) but I don't know where it originated.  Let me know if you do, so I can give that creative person some credit!  Here's our version.  I am super happy with how they turned out, and I' m going to hang them up for our Open House this week.  

One of my favorite bloggers and creators of teaching materials is Maria Manore from Kindercraze.  She has so many wonderful ideas and I want to be just like her when I grow up.  Or maybe she could be my BFF.  (Okay, just kidding...ummm kind of!)  But I got this great emergent reader from her for the littles to work on during Reading Rotations this week.  Click here to grab it for yourself!
Free Emergent Reader for Catholic Schools Week

Another activity for the week was our kindness tree.  Here is our finished project!  Our theme was "We are growing in the love of Christ."   The heart shaped leaves on our tree each had an act of kindness written on them.  You can see more about how I made this tree by visiting my other blog, She's so Pinteresting!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our Catholic Schools Week!  If you're a Catholic School teacher, I'd love to hear what you did during Catholic Schools Week!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

100 Days!

What better day to return to the blogging world than the 100th day of school!   The last 100 days have been pretty great for this teacher, but the 365 before that were rough!  But that's all behind me now...  And I'm back to having that special kind of kindergarten fun, and blogging about it!  We spent our 100th day of school celebrating that we are 100 days SMARTER!  And, you guys, they really ARE!  I can't believe how smart these little ones are getting!

We started our day making these awesome crowns.  The kiddos wore them all day long!  I found the template on Teacher Laura's Kindergarten Adventures.  Click here to go to her page and grab her freebie!

Look at that kindergarten best coloring!

We counted our far is 100 steps from Mrs. Minton's room?  (Last year, I am sure 100 steps was much farther.  Do we have shorter legs this year? Lol!)  We posted footprints on the wall when we reached 100 steps.  I just traced one of the kiddo's shoes, cut it out, wrote on it, and laminated it.  We hang two up, one down each direction of our hallway, to mark 100 steps. 100 steps to the left was the principal's office!  100 steps to the right was the fourth grade room.
In their journals today, the kiddos wrote about what they would like 100 of!  There were so many great ideas...100 arms, 100 kitties, 100 dogs, 100 lollipops, 100 dollars, and 100 families were some of my favorites.  Here is one journal entry...I wish I had 100 wiener dogs!  (Me too, but Mr. Minton will only let me have one!)

Daisy the Wiener Dog!

We made these portraits of our 100 year old selves.  Oh my goodness, I love these!  The expressions on some of these old faces are priceless!  I asked the kiddos if they thought I was a hundred years old yet.  They decided not yet, because my hair wasn't all white.  Whew!

Throughout the day, there were 100th day stations going on.  Here are a few....

Making "Gorp,"  a snack with 100 pieces!

100 piece puzzles

100 cup structure

This was a BIG hit!

100 Chart

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our 100th day!  Please check back to see what's going on for day 101!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dreams about that new school year...

This is one of my favorite times of the school year!  I know, for most of us, it's not actually the school year, but I love it anyway.  I love the possibilities, the perfect classrooms and lessons I create in my mind, and the amazing things that I know I'm going to spend the school year doing.  I love to think of those littles who are going to spend the year in a magical classroom!  (You know that everything in a kindergarten classroom is full of magic!) I spend hours on Pinterest, pinning cute ideas for organizing and decorating my classroom or finding the perfect way to teach that one thing!  And I shop! After all, I have to have the supplies to pull off all of those perfect ideas that I've found...  :)

Here are a few of my most recent finds for my classroom.

On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, I found these Lock-Top snack containers with lids.  They come in packs of three for, you guessed it, $1.00.  I bought a class supply, plus a few extra.  

I give credit for this idea to the wonderful kindergarten teacher across the hall from me in my building!  Mrs. F has her students keep their basic 8 crayons in these little tubs.  It seems like so many of our activities, especially math activities, need those basic 8 crayons all the time!  (Color the first bear blue....)  Keeping them in these little tubs keeps each child's needed crayons ready to go!

Among my purchases at the Target Dollar Spot include these great little gel cling signs.  My classroom has a small glass window in the door, and I love to change the "decor" in that window as often as I can.  I just can't have enough window clings!  :)  These two are great for the beginning of the school year.

Just a few days ago, I took my daughter to IKEA.  It's one of my favorite places.  We were officially shopping for items for a dorm room.  She is my oldest, and she's off for her first year of college in just a few weeks.  We were having a great time getting her ready, buying storage carts and desk lamps and pictures frames and mirrors and a rug... But I have to admit, my mind kept wandering back to my classroom.  If I could, I would completely furnish and decorate my classroom in IKEA items!  I have it all planned out in my mind! I restrained myself, though, and only purchased two tiny things for my classroom.  

I love these finger puppets.  I have the children put one on their pointer finger to use as a tracker when we are reading in our small reading group.  I have quite a collection already, but I didn't have these yet!

I also got this cart.  It's officially a shopping cart, but I've wanted it for years to haul all that STUFF back and forth from my classroom that I'm going to work on at home!  (And hopefully, when I haul it back, the stuff inside is finished!)  The handle looks short, but it pulls up like a handle on a rolling suitcase might. 

Teacher friends, what kinds of fun things have you found for your classroom this summer?  Tell me about your great finds!


Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm back!

It was so nice to be back at school today!  After several weeks off for surgery, I went back to school today and this is who greeted me!   Special thanks to Mya's Grandma and Grandpa, who helped make this happen today.  The little ones looked so sweet in their shirts!  A few asked if they could take them off.  Ummm, no, you look way too cute!  :)

The support from my school family has been overwhelming as I've found myself on this unplanned journey.   In case you missed these from earlier...
The fingerprints of every student in school (along with initials) make up this apple!  Special thanks to Mrs. F.

Love  my Nativity family!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Peek at Last Week

Saints, Science Buddies, and Soldiers

There was a lot going on in kindergarten this week!  We started Monday learning about Saints, and (because I can’t pass up a craft) we made our own saints! 

022 023 026

Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus, Saint Theodore Guerin, Saint Francis, and Saint Joseph now adorn our walls.

030 031 032 033 034

We spent a little extra time in church this week, attending Eucharistic Adoration on Monday.


And as promised from last week…here are our haunted house patterns.  They’re so cute, so I’ll leave them in the hall for a few more days, but we’ll need to make room for some Thanksgiving writing soon.

028 029

On Wednesday, we finally had our first science day with our 8th grade buddies. Each kindergartner had an 8th grader that guided them through the experiment.  On Wednesday, the class made lava lamps (and learned that oil and water don’t mix!)  Alka Seltzer tablets added some bubbles and lots of fun!

043 046 047 048 

On Friday, we supported our middle school service project by writing letters to veterans.  Mr. Wood will make sure these get delivered to deserving members of our military, just in time for Veteran’s Day!

058 059 060