Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday!


We are back from fall break and back to business in kindergarten! Here are five quick highlights from our week.


One of our kindergarten math standards to be able to recognize, create, and extend a pattern.   Our calendar always has a pattern!  


We worked on a book of fall patterns.

419 420 447

We made patterns at Center Time.

  509 510

As a culminating activity, the children made spooky haunted house patterns.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  You’ll have to check back to see.  Here is the work in progress…


2.  Sorting

Another math standard is being able to sort objects by different attributes.  We sorted buttons by number of holes, size, and color.

456 458 459 464

3.  Author’s chair

When we write in our journals, three children are chosen to be our authors for the day.  They read to us what they wrote, describe the illustration, and then answer questions from their classmates.

451  497

4. Science buddies

We have 8th grade science buddies!  We will be getting together with our buddies in the science lab every other week to share in some fun experiments!  We started this week with just getting to know each other.

505 506 508

5.  Halloween!

Here are a few pictures from our party.  I love that we are still allowed to celebrate!

527 529 530 531 536 537 538 542



Mrs. Minton

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Fun!

We had a busy week this week, preparing for parent/teacher conferences and also taking part in the very wonderful walkathon, but we did manage to squeeze in some fall fun!

For show and tell this week, boys are girls were asked to bring in a sign of fall!  We saw all sorts of things....pumpkins, leaves, footballs, scarecrows, and (my personal favorite sign of fall) HOT CHOCOLATE!  Here are a few of the signs of fall that we saw this week....

It was a rainy week, but we managed to get out for recess a time or two.  It was too wet on this day to use the playground, so we had a black-top only recess!

We headed outside for a fall walk.  There were still a lot of green leaves on the trees, but we did see mums, squirrels, acorns, and felt some cooler weather.  We'll have to head out after break and see if those leaves have started changing colors yet!  We did manage to find a few brown crunchy leaves on the ground to bring home to our families.  :)

And finally, we had Walk-a-thon this week!  Here we are heading to the bounce houses.

We got our picture taken with the whole school.

Then we started walking!!

And walking!!!

Have a happy Fall Break!  See you in a week!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Look Back….


We’ve been in school for almost a whole quarter…what have we been doing with all that time?  Here’s a look back at our past few weeks!

We started the year “anchored in Christ” as part of our school wide theme.  We made these cute little pirates to hang in the hall because we “ARRRRR” anchored in Christ!

544 545

Nearly every day we’ve had station time!  We have stations set up all over the room, almost 20 of them!  They each have a purpose.  Some promote our language skills, others work on our fine motor skills, problem solving skills,  math skills, and sometimes the only goal is to work on those all-important social skills.  Here you see the puzzle and game station, the drama station, the computer station, the listening station, and the classroom library.

592 593

721 723  727

Reading Rotations is one of our favorite times of the day.  After we finish our whole group language lesson for the day, we split up into groups and rotate through 5 activities.  Each group does one activity a day.   Children participate in Phonics Fun, Write the Room, Sight Word Work, ABC Work, and Teacher Time.  It’s a very quiet, structured time in the classroom, but even so the children look forward to it each day!  Here are a few pictures from our early Reading Rotations.

608  611 612 613609 614 615 616

And…drumroll….we ARE LEARNING HOW TO READ!  We read in whole groups, in small groups, by ourselves, and with partners.  It’s getting exciting as each week we learn more sight words, and more sounds to blend into words.

659 660 661 704


Grandparents day came during the middle of our apple/pumpkin study, so our special visitors were treated to an apple themed bulletin board, songs and fingerplays about apples, and an apple craft to take home!  Here is part of our apple bulletin board…

770 771


We’ve been learning to write the kindergarten way!  (D’Nealian)  Here, the children are practicing with handwriting pages in a large zipper bag that turns our papers into magic dry erase pages!  We use dry erase markers first, then we are ready, we take the papers out of the bag and use our pencils!

792 794 797

We’ve been doing lots of counting, working with shapes,  acting out story problems, patterning, printing and recognizing numbers, and so much more!  Here, the children are playing “What’s missing?”  They put number cards in order, then one partner closes his/her eyes while the other removes a number from the line.  Eyes are opened, and the partner guesses the missing number. 

844 846724 847


And of course, our trip to the Orchard!

 869 872 874 881 887 894


When we came back, we compared and contrasted apples and pumpkins, and tasted apples to determine our class favorite.

911 919 921 922 923 924 925

Have a great day….from KA