Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five for Friday

So I started Friday with great intentions and so many things to get done, and I ended Friday with a list just as long….including this Friday blog which is now a Saturday blog.  Maybe I should change it to “Six for Saturday!” Naaaah, I’ll stick with my original five.  Here we go…a peek at 5 amazing things things we did this week!

1.  Dr. Suess’ Birthday!

We started our week celebrating the birth of Dr. Seuss!  He turned 110 this year, and left the world with some wonderful books.  I love that his birthday is at this time of the year, because when I bring out the Dr. Seuss books the kiddos are so excited to discover that they can READ them!  It’s so much fun to watch the discovery. 

In honor of his birthday, we made hats and ate Green Eggs, which the kids LOVED!


DSC_0318 DSC_0313

Here are a few of our work stations for the week…

IMG_3589[1] IMG_3590[1]

IMG_3592[1] IMG_3593[1]


2.  hand-writing practice

Getting kids to write with “proper D’Nealian” is always a challenge!  When we are ready to print on our hand-writing pages, I first have the kiddos put their papers into a large (freezer size) baggie.   They use dry erase markers to practice formation, and when they are ready, they pop those papers right out of the bag and try with pencil.  The dry erase part makes it fun  and less tedious (who really WANTS to practice hand-writing?!), and adds invaluable practice.


3.  dividing by sharing

Snack time became an extension of math time when we used our fruit snacks in a “divide by sharing” activity.   The kiddos pretended to have 2 plates, and divided the fruit snacks equally between the two.   (And we learned that there are 8 Scooby Doo fruit snacks in a package, in case you ever need to know that!)


4.  Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday, we began lent with the reception of ashes in church.  I found this cute activity from Kinderkay at Faith Filled Freebies.      


click here for activity 

Here is a picture from after our time at church, where the kiddos are checking out their ashes with hand held mirrors.


5.  The end of indoor recess

And finally….even though THIS is still outside our window,


it has finally warmed up and thawed out enough to get back outside.  The kiddos are happy and sad at the same time.  I think they’ll miss those indoor recess toys that normally stay behind closet doors.

IMG_3551[1] IMG_3519[1]

But their teacher loves that they are running off some of that delightful energy once again!

Have a great weekend!



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Two for Tuesday

We've been busy already this week...  Here are two activities that were lots of fun!

1.  Acting out subtraction story problems

I'm always a fan of doing anything other than a worksheet to teach or practice a standard.  When I can work in a craft to practice, then we are a happy class!  This week, in our math station, the children are writing number sentences about losing teeth! More on that station later in the week, but here is one little guy with his number sentence!  (We called the toothless guy Joey!")

To make a connection, we also made individual "Joey's during our math time.  I call this a mathtivity!

We made our faces, and gave them each ten teeth.   After adding a few more details, like hair and little pink cheeks, the children decided how many teeth their little friend was going to lose today!

We colored teeth black to show that they had been lost, and then wrote a subtraction number sentence to match.  Here are a few of the finished products.  I thought they turned out cute enough to hang in the hallway, so we now we have lots of little faces with toothless grins decorating the area outside our door!

2.  Journal

Today we used our journals to help with writing standard K.w.3, using a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate an event, telling about the events in the order they happened.

First, I modeled (and illustrated, much to amusement of my kindergarten friends!) how I get ready for school in the morning.  I didn't get a picture of it, so you don't get to see my great illustrations, but my morning hair was a hit!

After we worked through my example, the children tried it themselves!  This was our first time to write 3 sentences in a sitting, and I thought they did well!  Here are a few examples...

I get up from bed.  I put on my clothes.  I eat breakfast.

I wake up and get out of bed.  I eat breakfast and get dressed.  I go to school.

I put on my clothes.  I get up to brush my teeth. (Teef! My heart is melting!)
I get my shoes.

I hope you enjoyed our "two for Tuesday" installation!  Have a great week!


Monday, February 24, 2014

A Look at Last Week...President's Day

Last week, we celebrated President's Day in KA!  We learned about past presidents, our current president, and symbols of our country!  We read many books about the Presidents, especially President Lincoln and President Washington.

We started each morning with a song about the President. 
It was included in this free download from Michelle Tomaszeski's store on Teacher's Pay Teachers!

During our Work Station Time, the children worked on a variety of Presidential themed activities.  At the writing station, children wrote about what they would do if they were president.  We had many good ideas!  Here is one from one of my more developed writers. (The awesome writing paper was also in Michelle's packet!)

At the Computer Station, children completed a sequencing game that accompanied our Scholastic "Let's Find Out" magazine about the Presidents.  In the activity they sequenced the life of George Washington!

At the Creation Station, children made a symbol of America, the American flag.

At the Math Station, children measured Abraham Lincoln's hat with pennies and recorded the measurements on activity sheets.  This cute idea idea came from

In our classroom library, many books about Presidents, famous Americans, and symbols of America were available to the children.  When they were done reading a few stories, kiddos used an activity sheet to draw a symbol of America.

At the alphabet station,  children looked at picture cards, stretched out the sounds, and wrote the words.  They did super well!

The Pocket Chart Station also had picture cards and letters to unscramble!  I didn't get a picture and it's already put away.  Another great job..we are really getting the letter/sound connection!

In other fun this week, our religion lesson was all about being teachers!  The children learned that we are all called to be teachers, and one of their activities was to draw a picture of their kindergarten teacher.  One kiddo asked if he had to draw me. :)  Here are the adorable pictures.   I may have green hair in one, and a beard in another, but I so glad to see that they all drew me smiling!  

Have a great week!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Nothing says love better than…..

   190my own personal laminator!  I can’t wait to start using it!  :)  My hubby got me flowers and chocolate, too, but is it sad that I was WAY more excited about this little laminator?!?!

Enough about me…we had a little Valentine’s Day fun at school, too!   We played Valentine’s Day Bingo, “mailed” our valentines, and had a special yummy snack.

This game was made by one of our wonderful kindergarten parents a few years back for a party, and she donated it to the classroom.    (Wish I knew where to find it, because I’d love to print a few more cards!)  It’s a great game, and we had heart shaped notebooks for a prize.  Everybody was a winner!

152 153

Time to mail the valentine cards!

154 155


Snack time!

157 158


During station time this week, we had some stations about love…  At the writing station, children wrote about someone that they love.  Here are samples from a few kiddos.


140 141 

And my personal favorite…

136 137 

At the listening station, we listened to the story “I Love Bugs.”

click here to see this book on

After the children heard the story, they wrote about something THEY loved!

146 147

A little cutting practice at the creation station, and we had pretty hearts for our families.

143 144 145


A different holiday, I know, but in case you hadn’t heard…



And the view from the window in the kindergarten room proves it!



Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Stay safe and warm!

Blessings,  Teresa